Less is more.

This credo also applies to writing. A postcard offers little space, yet enough room for important messages. It can be used in multiple ways, as a holiday greeting, to offer your congratulations, as an invite to an event or to promote yourself.

GRUSSFORMAT caters to this wide range of needs by offering postcard printing and its very own postcard edition. We print your (individually designed) postcards whilst at the same time offering a collection of surprising images by contemporary photographers and artists.

The postcard—a rebellion against digital torrents of images.

Today’s means of communication enable us to access a vast and ever-growing arsenal of images. Our very own photo galleries follow us everywhere, stored on our smart phones, while image searches on the Internet produce reams of results.
It was never easier to lose your ground and drown in those torrents of digital images. As everything is within a button’s reach, we sometimes forget that an image invites to pause and dwell upon, not to rush past.
A postcard is more than a digital image. It is a material object. You can hold it in your hands, use it as a bookmark or why not as a fan on a hot day? A postcard is a souvenir and a message. An image on a postcard allows contemplating, an intake of breath in our daily frenzy.
GRUSSFORMAT offers two services by deliberately focusing on the traditional postcard, thus uniting a trusted medium with a wide array of modern imagery. EDITION GRUSSFORMAT showcases a wide range of national and international contemporary photographers and artists. In our postcard printing section you can choose the cards to your own liking and have them printed by us.