We print your message.

You can say a whole lot with very few words on a postcard. No matter if you’re a company, an institution or a freelancer, an artist, a museum or an editor, a postcard is always a good choice to get your message across. You can use a postcard as an invite, as a business card or for promotional activities. The possibilities are endless. The sky is the limit!

Our postcard printing is

→ cost-effective; postcards at 250, 500, 750 or 1000 pieces (special editions on request) starting from 99 Swiss francs
→ high-quality; front side is four-colour printing with matt or gloss coating, back side is one-colour printing / black and white, premium paper, unique offset printing process
→ multifunctional; invite, business card or promotion
→ regional; produced in Switzerland
→ creative; individual choice of images and support with design and lithography

The quality of our postcards is outstanding. Do you want to see for yourself? No problem. Just drop us a line and we are very happy to send you some of our samples.

GRUSSFORMAT. We print your message. Postcards printed in Switzerland.
Next postcard printing deadline:
August 1st 2018