FAQ Postcard printing

Can I order a sample?
Yes, we are happy to send you some of our samples. Just drop us a line and convince yourself of the outstanding paper and print quality.

Which file formats are accepted?
You can upload the following popular file formats: PDF, JPG, TIFF, PS, EPS, and many other formats.

How do I order a postcard printing?
→ Go to the home of www.grussformat.ch or to the menu item Postcard Printing / Order. First, simply drag the file onto the black toned area in the center of the window and release it (drag & drop).
→ If you have already prepared a printable PDF layout of your postcard, simply upload the 2-page PDF file and follow further steps. In the preview, the front and the back of your card will be displayed in low resolution.
→ If you have 1 picture for the front and you would like to customize the back with our online pattern: Upload the image and follow further steps in the design area. You can rotate and position the image. The display «dpi» on the right calculates the resolution of the image in the final format. A resolution of 300 dpi is ideal, a resolution less than 200 dpi will degrade the quality of the image and is not recommended.
The backside you can customize as follows:
– Click into the text box with the text tool and enter your own text
– The standard lines can be shown or hidden
– The GRUSSFORMAT-Advertising as discrete signature can be shown or hidden. If you choose an ad-free card, you pay a surcharge of CHF 10.–.
→ If you have 2 images – one for the front and one for the back of your card: simply upload both images at the same time and follow more steps in the design area. You can rotate and position the images there, or switch the pages. The (coated) front is always printed in 4 colors and the (uncoated) back always in solid black.
Please refer to our technical data sheet, everything is described in detail there.

What is a PDF soft proof?
PDF-Softproofing is the fastest and least expensive way to make sure all elements and texts are in the correct place. The PDF is sent to you via email before printing your postcard. The PDF soft proof can not serve as a reference for color fastness, since viewing may differ on a non-calibrated monitor of the printed postcard.

Can I order a certified digital proof on paper?
On demand, we will be happy to provide you with more information about certified color proof on paper.

Trim, crop marks, dpi, RGB… what does that actually mean?
Please refer to our technical data sheet, everything is described in detail there. If you have questions, you can contact us anytime. We are happy to help you.

Can GRUSSFORMAT take over the design of my artwork?
We’ll happily take over the layout of your artwork. Just drop us a line and we are very happy to send you a quote.

Can I order higher volumes, large series or other formats?
Yes, on request we are happy to give you more informations.

What are the delivery times?
Grussformat prints at least 1 time per month, at the beginning of each month. The print data must be sent to us by the 1st of every month. Then, the postcards are printed and the finished cards are shipped around the 10th of the same month.
The more postcard printings are made with us, the shorter will be the printing period in between. For more detailed information regarding delivery dates it is best to contact us in advance!
Delivery times to your country on request.

On which paper the postcards are printed?
All postcards are printed on the high quality postcard paper «Invercote®» with a basis weight of 350g/m2. The paper comes from responsible forestry.

Can I order my postcard with a matt coating finish?
Our postcards are provided on the front with a matt or a gloss coating. You can choose your preferred finish at the beginning of the order process.

Can the back be printed in color?
No, the back is always in solid black. The front is always in the 4-color CMYK mode.

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